Law Day @ John Jay College (03/18/16)

Law Day at John Jay college is quickly approaching! In partnership with the Samuel and Ann Jacobs Foundation Lecture on Law and Legal Profession, Law Day at John Jay aims to interact, and inform John Jay students and alum who are interested in law school. Attendees will get a chance to learn about from experts in the field:

  1. Legal careers
  2. the law school application process and;
  3. the life of law students

In conjunction, the following programs will be presented:

  • Is Law School Right For You? Mock Law Class
  • How to Finance Your Law School Education
  • Law School Confidential: Law Students Reveal their Experiences
  • LSAT Success Strategies
  • Law School Admissions: Admissions Officers Reveal How to Get In
  • Jacobs Luncheon with Mentoring by Attorneys and Law Students

Law day will take place 03/18/16 from 9am-2:30pm

This is a fantastic way to network with professionals in the field and get your questions answered! Class level does not matter. It is never too early or too late to learn about excelling in this dynamic field. Don’t miss on out on this unique event!

**Registration is required** Register at



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