Student Research Internship in Multiple Sclerosis (4/8/16)


The New York City-Southern New York Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society is offering an opportunity for students to take part in a paid summer internship! Students will be receiving $2,000 to intern in a research lab for three months to gain exposure to research, and refine their critical thinking, oral, and written communication skills. Interns are expected to be available for the entire program, which begins early in June and ends in August.

To help prepare students for a future in research, they will be meeting with PhD students for a networking opportunity to discuss a basic research paper relating to multiple sclerosis. They will also be required to attend a mentoring seminar lead by a world-leader in multiple sclerosis research, and will present their findings in a 10 minute oral presentation, which will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A/discussion with college students, PhD students, and post-doctoral fellows. Finally, at the end of the program, the student will write a final summary of their research experience.

Laboratory Settings:

Interns will be assigned one of two research labs located in NYC:

  • Laboratory of Dr. Valentina Fossati focusing on inducing pluripotent stem cell modeling for understanding neurodegeneration in MS
  • Laboratory of Dr. Tim Vartanian exploring an infectious bacteria as a possible cause of MS


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must have completed their first year of college (Recent college graduates are also eligible as long as they are not currently enrolled in a graduate program)
  • Student interns will be expected to make their own living arrangements
  • Students must have their own daily transportation and the ability to travel to their assigned sites within the New York City area.
  • Submission of application no later than April 8, 2016
    • This includes the application, two letters of recommendation, a college transcript, and CV.


Applications can be found at:





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